Rivers of Hope aims to serve all individuals and families who require our services. So, if you have someone in mind who can benefit from our services, provide us with the opportunity to serve them.

POLICY ON REFERRAL AND WAIT LIST (Currently ROH does not have wait list)

These organization will accept referrals from individual, physicians and other community partnership agencies.  The organization will in the future accept persons who can private pay for their services.  In the event that there is a wait list it would be retained by the referring agencies.



  1. Rivers of Hope will receive referrals from a variety of sources
  2. The referral sources maintain a wait list and provides the referrals based on their criteria for a person’s need
  3. The referral will go to the executive director or in her absence to the appointed case manager
  4. The referral will be reviewed to determine if it meets the criteria for entry into the program
  5. The executive director or case manager will determine if appropriate staffing can be provided
  6. If all criteria are met, the referral will be accepted, and a start date determined
  7. Executive director or case manager will notify the referral source that the individual has been accepted into the program at the start date for services to begin
  8. If the individual does not meet criteria for acceptance the executive director or case manager will follow the steps in the notification of the persons served, legally responsible person if appropriate, referral source and all other stakeholders as necessary

Please use the form below to refer your loved one and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.