Welcome To ROH!

Transportation was added as of mid-2019 due to varies counties needs for transportation services for the elderly and disabled population.

Many individuals have difficulty using conventional modes of transportation, crowded spaces, or buses because of a physical or mental disability. For these people, Rivers of Hope’s service may be the only transportation that they can use.

Rivers of Hope plans to provides coordinated transportation service to many area human service agencies such as; Visiting Nurse Association’s, Adult Day Programs, Senior Center (an important meal site for many Elders), Community Health Services, Assisted Facilities, etc.

The transportation service will allow clients an opportunity for social interaction, job training and employment, medical services, therapy, etc.

If you are interested in donating for us to meet our goal to add 2 more vans, please contact our main office at 508.857.2699.

Online payments and transactions are in the works!