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Medication Administration Program

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About MAP

Medication Administration Program (MAP) Training in Partnership with Healthcare Edu

At Rivers of Hope, our commitment to providing exceptional care extends to ensuring our team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of healthcare services, including the crucial area of medication administration. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Healthcare Edu, a leader in healthcare education, to offer specialized training for those interested in becoming proficient in the Medication Administration Program (MAP).

About the MAP Training: The MAP training, offered through Healthcare Edu, is designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required for safe and effective medication administration. This includes understanding medication orders, proper administration techniques, monitoring and reporting side effects, and maintaining accurate medication records. Our partnership ensures that participants receive the highest quality education, preparing them for the responsibilities of medication management.

Medication Administration Program Details

Scheduling Your Training

To participate in this invaluable training opportunity, we invite interested participants to visit to schedule an appointment. Please make sure to mention that you are being referred by Rivers of Hope to facilitate coordination.

Pricing and Further Information

For detailed information on the MAP training program, including pricing, please contact Healthcare Edu directly. Their dedicated team will provide you with all the necessary details to get started, including course schedules, costs, and any additional requirements.

Enhance Your Skills with Rivers of Hope

This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to empower our staff and enhance the quality of care we provide to our community. By partnering with Healthcare Edu for the MAP training, we are taking a significant step forward in ensuring our team’s competencies in medication administration, reinforcing our commitment to safety and excellence in care.

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