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How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One to Avoid Self-Isolation

The coronavirus has many people isolating themselves. Just because there is a stay-at-home order or social distancing guidelines in effect, that doesn’t mean that people need to isolate. In fact, isolating oneself can lead to depression and worsened health issues. If you want to help your elderly loved one avoid self-isolation during these times, there are some ways to do that.


Home Health Care in Boston MA: Self Isolating Tips
Home Health Care in Boston MA: Self Isolating Tips


People need face-to-face contact. While you may be able to go see your elderly loved one, as long as you are staying 6 feet away from one another, that may not be enough for them. If this is the case, it might be helpful to hire caregivers to go take care of and visit with your elderly loved one. This type of contact can help them to stay healthier and feel less lonely. If there is nobody to be at your elderly loved one’s home, it is important to keep in touch through video calls.

Do Things That Mean Something

If you want your elderly loved one to avoid self-isolation, it is important that you do things for and with them that means something. For instance, you could pick up their favorite foods from the grocery store and drop them off at their house. Even if you can’t go in, you could leave the groceries on their front porch. You could also talk to them on the phone regularly or play a game with them online. Think of things that would mean something to your elderly loved one and do those things.

Spending Time with a Pet

Since people are being encouraged to stay at home, you may want to consider getting your elderly loved one a pet. While this isn’t quite the same as spending time with family members and friends, a pet can show your elderly loved one unconditional love. A pet will give them someone to talk to, hang out with, and play with. Pets can help to keep your elderly loved one occupied while being stuck at home.

Talking to People Who Are Struggling

Another way for your elderly loved one to avoid self-isolation is by talking to people who are struggling. This can help your elderly loved one to feel needed and helpful. These can both be great feelings during this pandemic. Your elderly loved one can volunteer for a phone hotline. This is something they might be able to do from home.

These are some of the ways that your elderly loved one can avoid self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. Encourage them to do some or all of these things to help them feel more needed and less lonely during these times.


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