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Four Tips for Fun in the Heat of Summer

During the hottest parts of summer, you and your senior might need to get a little more creative about avoiding the effects of the season. There are ways you can do that, but some may take some planning on your part. The good news is that the hottest days of summer don’t last forever and fall will eventually be on its way.


Try a Variety of Indoor Activities

Summer means heading inside and if your elderly family member’s air conditioner is struggling, there are plenty of indoor locations that don’t have that problem. Museums, science centers, aquariums, and more have primarily indoor adventures that you can explore together. This may be something you do once in a while, especially if mobility is a concern for your elderly family member. Explore the options available in your area.


Take Some Classes or Attend Seminars

Classes, lessons, and seminars held inside are also a possibility. Libraries are often a great source of these types of activities, but so are community colleges, bookstores, and even craft stores. There might be some things your senior has wanted to learn, which could make now a perfect time for her to give that a try.


Seek out an Indoor Pool

Summer is the perfect time to float in a pool, but most outdoor pools end up leaving the water feeling as warm as a bath. An alternative is to find an indoor pool that your senior can swim in while also enjoying some air conditioning. This is a great way for her to get a little bit of exercise safely and avoid overheating herself at the same time.


Keep to a Schedule

The important part might be sticking to a schedule for your senior. By scheduling her day properly, you might be able to avoid spending the hottest part of the day at her home, especially if her home tends to be a little too warm during those hours. Spending time at home in the morning and in the evening, when the house is naturally cooler, can be a lot more comfortable that way.

As a caregiver, you may be looking for a variety of ways to help your elderly family member to avoid being too hot when the weather absolutely is. This can all take some fine-tuning, too. No plan is perfect right out of the gate and you may need to find options that account for her available energy levels.

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