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How Can Elder Care Help a Senior with Limited Mobility?

Mobility problems affect so many aspects of your senior’s life. As her mobility challenges grow, she may find a great many daily tasks to be difficult to handle alone. That’s where senior care providers can come in and be incredibly helpful.


Getting from Place to Place Inside the Home

Getting around is difficult for someone with limited mobility, even in their own home. Your senior might use a cane or a walker, but she might not want to, even knowing she needs to. Senior care providers can give your elderly family member extra assistance in maneuvering around the house and in helping her to use the tools she needs to use.


Personal Care Tasks

It’s not enough that your senior’s mobility is compromised, that can mean it’s difficult to do a lot of different things, like managing personal care tasks. These are tasks like getting dressed, showering, and even brushing her hair. Your senior can benefit from having an extra set of hands to not only help with these tasks but to make sure that she’s safe while all of these tasks are being handled.


Moving and Changing Positions

Your senior might even be bound to a chair or to her bed for long periods of time due to her mobility issues. If that’s the case, she needs someone who can help her to shift her position throughout the day. This is vital in order to help your senior to avoid problems such as skin breakdown, which can cause painful and dangerous sores.


Exercising Daily

Your senior doesn’t have to have perfect mobility in order to exercise. In fact, her doctor might recommend physical therapy that can help your senior with her mobility concerns. Senior care providers can help your senior to do exercises and can drive her to physical therapy if the therapist can’t come to her.


Staying Safer at Home

Staying safe at home is crucial for every older adult, but it’s more complicated when your senior has trouble with mobility. Home care services have experience in recognizing safety concerns and they can alert you when they notice something that needs to be corrected.

Just because your senior’s mobility is not what it used to be, that doesn’t mean that she’s doomed to no other option. Home care providers can help you to deal with her mobility challenges, too, by showing you what you can do to help her as much as possible.


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