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Rivers Of Hope CEO Francineglide Victoria Joins the Rotary Club Of Taunton

Taunton, MA – April 2024

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Rivers of Hope is pleased to announce that Francineglide Victoria, CEO of Rivers of Hope, has joined the esteemed Rotary Club of Taunton. Francineglide was proudly pinned as a new member on April 11th, 2024, marking the beginning of her journey with this distinguished

The Rotary Club of Taunton is renowned for its commitment to serving and positively impacting the community through various philanthropic initiatives. By joining the Rotary Club of Taunton, Francineglide Victoria demonstrates her dedication to giving back to the community and supporting initiatives that promote positive change.

“l am honored to become a member of the Rotary Club of Taunton and to be part of an organization dedicated to making a difference in our community,” said Francineglide Victoria. I look forward to collaborating with fellow members and contributing to meaningful projects
that uplift and empower individuals and families in Taunton and beyond.”

As CEO of Rivers of Hope, Francineglide Victoria leads a team committed to providing high-quality home healthcare services, including Veteran Care, to individuals in need. Through her involvement in the Rotary Club of Taunton, Francineglide aims to further Rivers of Hope’s mission of fostering confidence and dignity within the community.

For more information about Rivers of Hope and its services, visit Rivers of Hope’s website.

If you would like more information about Taunton’s Rotary Club, visit the Rotary Club of Taunton’s website.

Omoleye Olorunfunmi
Director of Services
Rivers of Hope

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