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Caffeine: Cons of the Elderly Drinking Caffeine

Caffeine: Are you worried about your elderly loved one drinking too much caffeine?

Maybe they are drinking a lot of pop throughout the day. Maybe they are drinking too many cups of coffee in the morning or throughout the day. If this is the case, learning more about the cons of elderly people drinking too much caffeine might help to talk them out of drinking so much pop or coffee. Keep reading here to find out more about the downfalls of the elderly drinking a lot of caffeine.


Restlessness and Insomnia

Two of the things that might occur if your elderly loved one drinks too much caffeine are restlessness and insomnia. When you visit your elderly loved one, do they seem to be exhausted all the time? Is your elderly loved one saying they don’t sleep enough at night? Research shows that if someone is drinking 400 milligrams of caffeine or more a day, it can cause them to become irritable and restless. If someone consumes too much in the evening, this could cause them to have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. If these are issues your elderly loved one has, then maybe you or a senior care provider could get them to drink a cup of caffeine-free tea before bed, instead of coffee or pop.


Not Absorbing Nutrients

Did you know that caffeine can prevent the body from absorbing certain nutrients? The last time your elderly loved one had bloodwork done, did the results show they have vitamin deficiencies? Some of the nutrients that caffeine can prevent the body from absorbing include Vitamin B6, calcium, and iron. When the body isn’t able to properly absorb these nutrients, there are higher risks for skin issues, bone weakness, and anemia. If this is an issue your elderly loved one has, be sure to talk to them about cutting down their caffeine use.


Increased Bladder Activity

How often does your elderly loved one urinate throughout the day and night? Did you know that coffee increases the amount that a person needs to urinate? This, in return, can dehydrate the body causing further issues. If your elderly loved one is urinating a lot during the day and/or nighttime, you or their senior care providers should talk to them about drinking less caffeine. It might be a good idea to suggest that your elderly loved one replaces caffeinated beverages with healthier drinks.


Caffeine: Conclusion

These are some of the cons of the elderly drinking too much caffeine. While your elderly loved one does not necessarily have to quit drinking caffeine, they may need to cut down. You should have them track the amount they are drinking to determine how much they should cut out of their diet.


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