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Four Tips for Solving Problems For Your Senior

Solving problems is what caregivers do. It’s not always something that is easy, though, or that becomes easier the more that you do it. Give yourself time and grace to do the best that you can with what you’ve got.


Look for New Ways to Address the Issue

Depending on the problem at hand, you might have already tried a few different options. If those didn’t work, you’re out of the easy answers. It’s time to get creative. Try looking at the problem from a new angle. For instance, if your elderly family member isn’t willing to give up driving just yet, you might need to get creative. Disabling the car might be one answer or you might need to enlist the help of her doctor.


Seek out Expert Information

You don’t have to know everything about everything. You’ll gain a broad array of knowledge as a caregiver, but you can still turn to the experts, too. In the case of your senior’s driving, it might be helpful to turn to her doctor to determine how her health is impacting her ability to drive. You might also want to talk to a driving instructor or someone who can do a driving evaluation for your senior.


Layout a Plan for Putting the Best Solutions in Place

Problems need answers and those are rarely one-step solutions. Start to lay out a plan. For instance, you might want to line up a driving evaluation and then find a way to help your senior continue to get around, even if she’s not driving. Hiring senior care providers to do the driving can work, and you know someone is there with your aging family member.


Keep Your Own Attitude High

Don’t let yourself get discouraged. If you give in and let your own attitude get colored by your senior’s or by other people’s attitudes, you’re going to suffer. Do what you can to boost your own morale. That’s going to help you to keep yourself creative and to keep formulating those plans. You’ll also be better able to sell your perfect answer if you’re feeling upbeat about the entire process still.


Finding the right answers for your elderly family member’s situation may not feel as easy as you want it to be. With practice, you’re going to get a lot better at solving problems. And as your senior’s health changes, you’re going to need to keep your attitude positive so you can keep being creative.


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