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Four Considerations if Your Senior Is Debating Moving

There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether your senior should move and where she should go if she does decide to move. Some of the factors involved are tied to her health and to specific concerns that she’s managing now in other ways. A move might help her to manage those issues more effectively.


How Mobile Is She?

Mobility is a huge concern for your senior, especially if her home doesn’t support her current needs. If her home has stairs, for instance, and they’re difficult for your elderly family member to navigate, she’s likely to have some big issues. Mobility tools, like walkers, might not fit well through doorways and up stairways either, and that’s another huge problem.


Is Her Eyesight a Challenge?

If your elderly family member can’t see well, that makes it difficult for her to avoid obstacles. She may also have too little light in her current home to be able to see as well as she wants to see. But lighting might not be the entire problem. If your senior hasn’t had her eyes examined in a while, it’s time to schedule an appointment with her eye doctor. It’s possible that a new prescription for her eyeglasses makes a much bigger difference than she expects.


Is Her Balance Compromised?

Balance difficulties can make mobility much more difficult than it has to be. Balance problems can be a result of neurological difficulties or they can be a problem that results from weakened muscles. Daily exercise can help if the problem is caused by muscle loss, but there may be other treatments that are necessary for neurological causes. Physical therapy might even be something that your senior’s doctor recommends.


Does She Have Cognitive Challenges?

If your senior’s brain is changing, whether that’s from dementia or from other cognitive changes, she may not be able to make decisions in the same way that she did in the past. Memory issues could be something that keeps your senior from trusting her own judgment, which can be a key factor in deciding to relocate to another home.


Whether she decides to downsize to a smaller home or to move in with you, your senior might benefit from having some extra help. Elder care providers can make life much easier for your senior while also ensuring that the challenges that she faces on a daily basis don’t keep her from living the life that she wants to live.


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