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Home Care: How Do You Determine How Much Help Your Senior Needs?

Home Care: There may come a time, even more quickly than you expect, that your senior starts to need additional help.

That doesn’t mean that she’ll necessarily be happy about this development, though. Getting her the help that she needs involves first assessing what type of home care she needs.


Home Care Services in Fall River MA: Determining Help
Home Care Services in Fall River MA: Determining Help

Home Care: Look at Every Area of Your Senior’s Daily Life

It can be tough to just put a spotlight on exactly what your senior needs the most help with during each day. One way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to start with her daily routine, right from the moment she wakes up. Does she need help with physically getting out of bed or with getting dressed or other personal care tasks? Are meals, specifically preparing meals, difficult for her? How’s her mobility throughout the day? Look at every aspect of her day.

Think about How Much She Does on Her Own and How Assistance Would Help

After you’ve got an idea about some of the ways that your elderly family member already needs and has some of the help that she needs, look at what she’s doing already. Are those tasks taking her a long time and requiring a lot of energy from her? How would some extra assistance ensure that her quality of life is as high as possible?

Talk to Your Senior about What You’re Seeing

If you haven’t already, it’s time to talk to your senior about what you’re seeing. Don’t just come to her with problems, though. Let her know that your plan includes making sure she has extra help from elderly care providers and exactly how they can make her life easier. She may not be overly excited about the idea at first, so you might need to approach things slowly.

Home Care: Line up Extra Help and Reassess

Line up home care help from elderly care providers and set up times for them to come in that line up with when your senior needs the most help. Talk to your senior about what’s helping and what isn’t. Set up a timeframe when you’ll reassess the entire situation and revamp or change whatever isn’t working.

Tackling this issue patiently but as quickly as possible can have a big impact on how your senior feels, and on what she’s able to do on her own. It can be a shock to her to start to realize just how much help elderly care providers can be for her.


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