Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors on a Budget

Everyone knows the significance of adhering to a healthy and balanced diet; nonetheless, knowing and doing in many cases are worlds apart. For older adults, it is even more vital to steer clear of the temptations of making unhealthy food choices – and, typically, more challenging. For most seniors, lifestyle choices are impacted by various factors:

  • Prescription complications that influence taste and/or appetite
  • Loss of family members, making mealtime a lonely time
  • Lack of interest in cooking for only one
  • And others

But there is one prevailing – yet little mentioned – explanation for unhealthy eating in seniors: financial constraints. Older adults on a budget may find it challenging to afford fresh, healthy foods that commonly cost a lot more than a fast food meal or can of soup. These healthy eating tips for seniors from the National Council on Aging can help:

  1. Bear in mind that sticking with a wholesome diet can considerably improve health, with the possibility of preventing doctor visits and hospitalizations – saving older adults money in the end.
  2. See if a senior you love is eligible for SNAP, a government program that covers the cost for fresh foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Go to to determine eligibility. The average benefit to seniors is $100/month.
  3. Check into the older adult’s local Meals on Wheels program, which provides nutritious meals to the elderly, along with the added benefit of a friendly volunteer who will deliver the food and improve socialization.
  4. If throwing away fresh food is a worry for an older adult who lives alone, frozen vegetables and fruits are a good option, making it possible for quick preparation of individual-sized portions.

Keep the following in mind to make sure your older loved ones are making the very best food choices:

  • Review the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate for the elderly with specific dietary and exercise suggestions for individuals 65 and older.
  • Aim for a plethora of colors, specifically brightly-colored foods such as tomatoes, carrots, peppers, eggplant, pumpkin, etc.
  • Include lean proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, keeping sodium and sugar to a minimum while ensuring plenty of high fiber and nutrients which can be particularly essential in aging, such as vitamin D.
Elderly Care in Bridgewater MA: Bathroom Layout and Safety

Does Your Mom’s Bathroom Layout Impact Her Safety?

A bathroom’s layout determines a lot about how safe that space is.
In a small bathroom, it can be easier to trip and fall. Limited floor space increases the risk of items sticking out or cluttering the floor. In a large bathroom, the extra space may be better for having a clear walking path, but it can make it harder to have grab bars everywhere they’re needed.

For January’s National Bath Safety Month, take a look at your mom’s bathroom layout. What would make it safer?


Elderly Care in Bridgewater MA: Bathroom Layout and Safety
Elderly Care in Bridgewater MA: Bathroom Layout and Safety


Safety in a Small Bathroom

With a small bathroom, the risk of hitting your head on a toilet, sink corner, or tub wall is high. No matter which way you fall, something is in the way.

Grab bars help prevent falls by offering something supportive to fall. As there’s not a lot of wall space, consider grab bars that have a lower bar welded on at the bottom. That lower bar is meant to hold towels.

In the bathtub or shower, there’s not a lot of room for a shower seat. If your mom is unsteady on her feet while bathing, a fold-down teak shower seat is attractive. It also folds out the way when it’s not in use so others have plenty of space while bathing.


Safety in Long Bathrooms

Some bathrooms have plenty of space, but there are long aisles leading to the door. Grab bars provide support along those walkways.

Another feature of a larger bathroom is to have the toilet in a water closet. A door separates it from the rest of the bathroom. If the bathroom has a separate water closet for the toilet, is there a way for your mom to call for help if she needs it? With the second door closed, it may be hard to hear her. A smart speaker that doubles as an intercom is a good idea.

The final thing to make sure is present in a large bathroom is bright lighting. If there are only one or two lights, there may be dark corners or shadowy areas. That can increase the risk of a fall.

Is it time to have caregivers available when your mom takes her morning bath or shower? With elderly care services, your mom has someone nearby to help steady her as she steps over the bathtub wall. She has a helper to assist her in getting into the shower and settled on a shower seat. Talk to an elderly care specialist to make the arrangements.


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