Caregiver in Randolph MA: Senior Tips

Four Reasons Your Senior Is Avoiding Her Cane

If your elderly family member has been experiencing problems with her mobility, her doctor might have recommended that she give a cane a try. That idea doesn’t always go over well, though, especially for aging adults who have a stubborn streak.


Caregiver in Randolph MA: Senior Tips
Caregiver in Randolph MA: Senior Tips

She Truly Believes She Doesn’t Need a Cane

In your head, you’re never really the age on your driver’s license, right? It’s the same for your senior. She may very well be in denial about the fact that a cane is going to help her to maintain her balance and stability. Even if she understands her physical limitations, for some people the idea of relying on a cane is just on the other side of acceptable.

She Doesn’t Really Know How to Use the Cane Properly

Lots of people think that they know how to use a cane, but they really don’t. And if your senior is in the category that doesn’t, she might be feeling awkward and in danger with her cane. A good first step is to work with her doctor or even with a physical therapist to get used to the cane. Once she has a handle on it, she might realize just how helpful her cane is.

She Worries She’ll Lose Independence

Independence is a big issue for a great many seniors. Your elderly family member may worry that by using a cane, she’s admitting that she’s helpless and that she is dependent on you and on others for help. But that’s not what a cane is all about. Having and using her cane properly can be the key to allowing your senior to be as independent as she wants to be.


She Believes the Cane Will Make Her Fall

If your senior is convinced that using her cane is going to make her fall, she might have witnessed people who aren’t using their canes properly doing so or she might worry that she’ll trip while using the cane. Used improperly, her cane may get in her way. But if your elderly family member is using her cane the right ways, she’s not going to be at a greater risk of falling. If anything, her cane can help her to avoid taking a fall.

Another option is to consider hiring elderly care providers. They can gently remind your senior to use her cane regularly and ensure that it’s right there waiting for her when she needs it most.


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Elderly Care in Randolph MA: Balancing Life at Home and Work

Can You Actually Get Everything Done at Home and at Work?

Getting started as a caregiver can be overwhelming. That’s true many times over if you’re balancing your own home life as well as your career. That’s a lot that you have to manage and it doesn’t get easier if you’re ignoring that there are some changes you need to make in your approach.


Ultimately, what you need to do is to focus on how to make life easier for you in your various roles.

Do What You Can to Plan for Emergencies

It sounds absurd sometimes, especially when you’re in the middle of an emergency, to think that you can plan for emergencies. To some degree, though, you can. At your job, you probably have a variety of contingency plans you can lean on. That’s the same sort of planning that you need to do at home and for your caregiving duties. Try to anticipate what could happen and imagine what you would need in order to cope effectively.


Define Your Goals and Your Priorities

Your goals tell you where you want to be. Your priorities, on the other hand, are what help you to determine how you’re going to get to your goals. When you prioritize all of the things that you have to do, you know what has to be done next and then after that. Those smaller steps are what get you closer to completing your goals. If you’re not doing things according to your priorities, you’re not going to hit your goals.


Master the Art of Delegation Now

Delegation is a skill that has to be learned. Some people are naturally good at it, but most other people need to practice a bit. Figure out to whom you can delegate tasks at work. This might be to coworkers or to people who report to you. You might be able to find ways to automate some tasks. At home, family members may be able to pitch in as well. When it comes to caregiving duties, though, you might feel more at a loss. This is where elder care providers come in. They can help you by taking over so many of the tasks that are difficult for you and you’re senior to manage on your own.


It takes time to develop a system that works for you and that works for the rest of your life. If you’re trying to rush solutions into place, you might not be as happy about how those solutions are working out.


If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Elderly Care in Randolph, MA, call the caring staff at Rivers of Hope today at 508-857-0629. Providing Independent, Dependent, and Companion Care Services in Brockton, Boston, Braintree, Avon Randolph, Abington, and the surrounding areas.