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Rivers Of Hope 2018 ANNUAL REPORT



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Message from our President

Dear Friends,

Rivers of Hope celebrates a successful year of uninterrupted service to the community, we take this opportunity to thank you for helping us succeed.

Rivers of Hope is an organization that is committed to excellence and puts its members first. The organization benefits from strong leadership; committed staff; and its ability to provide support to people who speak English, Haitian Creole,
Spanish, and Cape Verdean Creole. The organization has deep roots in the community,
which benefit it in continuing to market the program.



  • Forward-thinking and collaborative leadership of Rivers of Hope always prioritizes the organization’s mission, ensuring that the members are first in consideration.
  • CARF surveyor stated in her accreditation report result, “The caregivers and members commented on the caring, professional manner with which the staff members interact with them. The trust and appreciation of the caregivers and members have for the staff were evident”
  • The CEO’s leadership, mentoring, and support of the company’s members and caregivers is commendable.
  • Rivers of Hope is culturally sensitive to the needs of its members and caregivers. We have staff members who speak the languages of the community.
  • The CEO was nominated for or received various community awards in 2018 such as the Best Haitian American Professional, and Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • CARF surveyor stated in her accreditation report result, “The staff members go over and above in providing support to the families. They are conscientious and serve as excellent advocates. Furthermore, they respond quickly to problems so that issues are promptly addressed as they arise. Examples of these qualities include looking for grants for adaptive equipment, assisting caregivers in getting the right insurance, and working with the members’ day program when there is a problem. Staff members provide solutions to members as they are expected to, but they also advocate for the caregivers…The case files are well organized. Progress notes in the case files are thorough and individualized, and they provide an easy-to-follow narrative of the provision of services.”


We’d like to thank our caregivers and members for being understanding, and patient with us this past year. Truly, we could not have lasted this long without each one of you. THANK YOU!

I cannot forget to thank our AMAZING and KNOWLEDGEABLE multidisciplinary team.

For the upcoming year, I see Rivers of Hope doing big things!

In July, Rivers of Hope will celebrate its 3rd years of servicing the community. Our theme is Evening of Celebration at Generation Banquet Hall. We are creating a Director Corner section on our website, and having quarterly newsletters distribute via email and printed upon request.

Once again, we at Rivers of Hope thank you for your continued support.

Thank you!




Mission and Vision Statements


Mission Statement:

Rivers of Hope is a family oriented, community-based organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of services and advocacy for children and adults with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Our mission is to empower patients to self-advocate for their rights to autonomy. An extension of our mission is to provide financial, educational, and instructional support to family members who will be assisting the individuals. Utilizing a person-centered approach of care maximizes our member’s independence, rights to beneficence and non-maleficence, fosters inclusion within families and builds community connections. Rivers of Hope is committed to patient and family advocacy in order to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families.

Vision Statement:

Rivers of Hope strives to foster confidence within individuals of the community so that they can make decisions with confidence & live with dignity. We do this by offering a plethora of person-centered solutions in ways they understand so that they can advocate for themselves. With self-determination and respect, Rivers of Hope empowers the community with knowledge and resources so that each individual can live their best life.



Adult Family (Foster) Care (AFC)

The program supports individuals in the homes of their families or their own homes. The program is for individuals that are 16 years old plus with developmental disabilities or physical disabilities, and for adults with physical disabilities, or with mental illness. Through this program, the individual will receive services and financial support they need while living at home with their families or companion/friend. The caregiver (the person that lives with the individual) will assist the individual with ADL’s, provide healthy meals, companionship, personal care assistance, and 24-hour supervision.


As your loved one ages, it becomes difficult to be there for them emotionally and physically 24/7. This is when a companionship becomes of great importance. Companionship provides clients with someone to interact with on a frequent basis, making everyday life a lot easier. These regular interactions are also very important to boost brain stimulation, which is critical to the client’s overall well-being. A companion ensures that clients are enjoying life in the comfort of their home, as well as accompanying them to activities and events in their community. It is proven that companionship promotes longevity.

Dependent Care:

This is a more hands-on assistance level of care, where clients who are mostly immobile or those who are suffering from various ailments need more help with regular daily tasks. Our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants who are trained to provide care with the utmost respect for the client’s need for independence. Our main goal is to keep our clients safe and happy.



If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care in Brockton, MA, call the caring staff at Rivers of Hope today at 508-857-0629. Providing Independent, Dependent, and Companion Care Services in Brockton, Boston, Braintree, Avon Randolph, Abington, and the surrounding areas.

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