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What Are the Biggest Issues Facing Your Senior Right Now?

Odds are really good that your senior has more than one issue that she needs help with at the moment. When you understand the biggest issues in her way, though, you can put the right help in place for her.


Help with Household Tasks

Household tasks, like keeping up with the laundry and the cleaning, might be something your elderly family member never had an issue within the past. But as her health and her capabilities changed, so did her ability to keep up with these tasks. Having help from someone else can keep her home environment safe and clean while also allowing her to conserve her energy for the activities that really matter.


Help with Personal Care Tasks

Personal care tasks like bathing, grooming, and getting dressed are tasks that can become a lot more difficult for your aging adult over time. She might have issues with mobility that keep her from being able to do these tasks or she might simply run out of energy midway through each task. Help from home care providers ensures that she’s able to continue to bathe and to get dressed without experiencing difficulties in the process.


Transportation Assistance

Transportation can be a huge issue for aging family members. Whether she’s still able to drive or not, it might be time to talk to your senior about finding other ways for her to get where she needs and wants to go. Having senior care providers doing the driving instead of your elderly family member can give her the freedom that she wants while also keeping her safe.


Help with Remaining Mobile

Beyond getting around town, your senior might have issues getting around, period. Mobility becomes a huge issue for older adults. Keeping your elderly family member safe often means having someone else there who is well-versed in helping with transferring someone and helping someone move around.



Your elderly family member’s biggest need right now might simply be having someone she can talk to throughout the day. Even if they don’t talk about much, having someone there can be soothing for your senior. Talk with her about what she needs and wants in terms of socialization.

Your senior’s needs may well change over time and as her health improves or worsens. Each circumstance that changes for her can also change what she needs and what the best response is from you and from other people in her life.


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