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Is it Time for Your Senior’s Living Situation to Change?

Eventually, there is going to come a time in which you and your elderly family member need to talk about whether it’s time for her living situation to change at all. Most aging adults want to continue to age in place for as long as possible and you can help your senior to do just that. That involves looking at some of the variables in play.


Look at Safety Issues First

When you’re trying to determine if aging in place is even an option for your aging adult, you need to look at safety concerns first. Is she having trouble cooking? Is her vision changing? Does the house need updating or maintenance that would make it safer for your senior? Consider basic safety before you start looking at additional issues.


Consider Mobility Concerns

Mobility involves not just your senior’s personal mobility, such as whether she’s able to safely navigate in her home, but also whether she’s having issues getting around in other ways. Having problems driving is another example of mobility issues, especially if your elderly family member has always been someone who goes and does a great many different things.


Assess the Assistance She’s Got

You’re helping your aging family member, but she may have other assistance, too. Friends, neighbors and other family members may be helping out here and there and that definitely counts. Another option could be hiring elderly care providers. These professionals have a unique understanding of what your elderly family member needs and how to help her to age in place most effectively.


Gather Specific Information and Talk to Your Senior

Make sure that when you’re ready to talk to your senior, you’ve got specific examples and information to share. If you’re vague, that’s going to feel to your elderly family member as if you’re just trying to impose your will on her. Whatever you’ve noticed or made note of, share it with her in an open and loving manner. Express your concern and your willingness to help her to make changes that allow her to remain in her own home for as long as possible.


Your elderly family member’s living situation may need some adjustments, but you may not want to force the issue with her. Assess what she needs and then take steps to solve potential problems. That’s going to go a lot better than trying to make her move or do something else that she doesn’t want to do.


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